PDP Crisis: Stand By, Not ‘With’ 

PDP Party

“NDDC post-graduate scholarship” Making a difference cerebrally: postgraduate (no hyphenation whether as a noun or an adjective).

“…who should become governor (the governor) of the pace setter (sic) state in 2023.” Road to next year: pacesetting state 

“…that some top listed (top-listed) companies in (on) the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) incurred….”

“Students can demand for their rights without necessarily abridging the rights of other citizens and foreigners living in the country.” Get it right: yank away ‘for’ to foreclose language therapists’ strike!

“For an import dependent (import-dependent) country like Nigeria….”

“PDP crisis: I stand with (by) Wike—Ortom”

THE NATION of September 27 offered its readers four schoolboy flaws: “Nigeria’s nuclear energy drive: An historical milestone” This is old school! New order: a historical milestone.

“National Assembly passes confidence vote on (in) Gov. Uzodinma”

“NIJ Alumni holds (hold) national convention in Abeokuta”

“Mohammed commended over (on/upon) N3bn monthly IGR target” 

DAILY INDEPENDENT of September 26 circulated many faults: “Excess crude suit: Again, FG opts for out of court settlement” Any medium that does not know the importance of hyphenation remains a professional toddler: out-of-court settlement

“The line up from Anambra North” As 2023 approaches: line-up

“A night of Caribean and Latino Groove dance at MTN PFWA Season 5” Spell-check: Caribbean

“Police contractors debt: Its dangers to Nigerian economy” Policing grammar: contractors’ debt

“Banks get guidelines for agriculture lending, banking priciples (sic)” Banking—a euphemism for fraud in Nigeria: agricultural lending

Lastly from DAILY INDEPENDENT: “The DG of SEC…and his workers have, for the third time since his second coming (return) as the chief executive, gone for each others jugular.” Get it right: each other’s jugular. Beyond the faux pas pointed out, I am uncomfortable with the entire collocation!

The Guardian of September 25 blundered: “In contemporary history, acquisition of these rights bestows crude oil royalties into (on/upon) the public purse and fuels pre-bendal politics…..” Furthermore, the context of ‘bestow’ here is suspect.

“The University of Ibadan, Ibadan, wishes you all many more years of greater accomplishments and service to humanity. May your stars never deem (sic!).” For the sake of students of this foremost citadel, replace ‘deem’ with ‘dim’.

Yet another faulty congratulatory advert: “A well deserved (well-deserved) honour: This is a great testimony of (to) your great achievements….” (Copy by Lagos University Teaching Hospital) 

And these extracts from Lead City University, Ibadan: “Knowledge for self reliance. Post UTME screening for…being an ICT driven institution….” Three things: self-reliance, post-UTME screening and ICT-driven institution. What is going on in our tertiary centres of learning? 

From The PUNCH of October 2 comes the following solecism: “This also confirms your position as one of the most accomplished entrepreneur (sic) both locally and on the international scene.” Consolidated award to a trailblazer: one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs. It’s only deposits (and false lifestyles) bankers know!

Daily Trust of September 20 mixed grammar with politics: “CAN asks NJC to intervene on (in) poll petition”

“There are many areas on (in) which lawmaking may be employed as tool (a tool) for development.”

 “Besides, the level of neglect the region has suffered in the anal (sic) of Nigerian history is phenomenal.” The quest for Igbo presidency: annals. I have been ‘coerced’ by Sunny Agbontaen into grudgingly accepting the co-occurrence of ‘annals’ and ‘history’ in the same lexical environment! 

Lastly from Daily Trust: “…is one of the leading media planning and strategist in Nigeria.” Brands and marketing: one of the leading media planners and strategists in Nigeria.

“Universities and polytechnics, which are still struggling to consolidate the programmes at (on) the main campus, have no business setting up study centres elsewhere.”

“Are we not betraying Zik’s message of being our brothers’ keepers when we….” Our hero: brother’s keeper (irrespective of plurality—because of its fixed/stock form).

“In spite of the COVID-19 disaster in (on) the continent.…”

“As a young man in his 20s, the late Enahoro moved the historic motion demanding for Nigeria’s independence in 1956.” A consensus: delete ‘for’ in the interest of orderliness.  

“…the physical, material and psychological damages have to be addressed.” ‘Damage’ is uncountable except in legalese or reparative environments.

“If he had at that time kept mute and outrightly conceded victory….” This way: and conceded victory outright.

“In the final analysis, how far the products of refineries conform to stipulated standards with regards to quality will largely determine their marketability.” No poverty of expression: with regard to or as regards….

“But I stuck to my gun….”  Get it right: stick (stuck) to one’s (my) guns.

“What jobs have we provided for those roaming about the streets….?” Remove ‘about’ in the interest of word economy. 

“Provide burglary proof in your house and business premises.” As Christmas draws near, a security hint: burglar (not burglary) proof.  

“The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been in the news lately for two reasons, all of them uncomplimentary.” ‘Rite it right: two reasons, both (not all) of them uncomplimentary.

“Agencies, Media Independents poise for the future” Campaign: poised for the future.

“They wicked has done his worst” Wanted: a Failed English Panel that would function like the Justice Oputa Panel.  Before then, the wicked (wicked persons) have done their worst.

“…both our future and that of our offsprings are in jeopardy.”  Lest we jeopardize the language: ‘offspring’ is uncountable.

“It is important for all the designated banks to understand from the onset that.…” To foreclose CBN’s autocracy: outset, not onset (going by the context of the extract).

“For one, it is usually a universally accepted truth that when certain events and incidences, which do concern us directly.…” An incontrovertible fact: events and incidents.

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