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Providing facts and critical analysis, KYP Naija is a place where Nigerians meet to discuss their future – giving you access to politicians and who is who of Nigerian politics. Know your politicians; where they come from, breaking news, their key projects, promises and more. KYP is working to bring accountability & transparency to politicians and the ruling class in Nigeria.

Join us as we discuss our leaders – air your views and help shape the future of Nigeria.

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Follow your political representatives, know what they say, do, and air your views.

The first Nigerian news platform that allows ordinary people to have their say about what happens around them – KYP Naija is the Opinion Platform for Nigerian Politics.

We believe that every Nigerian has a right to be part of the discussion, and should be privy to all sides of the story. In a country where there are over 200 million people, but only a few voices are heard, we want to help change that.

We take a critical look at the political issues of Nigeria; its hidden stories, videos, news – bringing you key information on political representation, with 24/7 access on the go in a timely, neutral and objective manner.

A Voice For All Nigerians

Join KYP Naija today to get the latest news and analysis about the people who are running for office – at home and abroad at the touch of a button. Have your say and help change the political landscape and future of the country for the betterment of all.

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